About our Tools

Gunline Tools are machined to the highest standards required by professionals and hobby stockmakers. They have been popular and distributed throughout the world since 1946. They are noted for easy handling, accuracy, precise fit of components and durability. Sample patterns and clear instruction showing various layout styles are included in the sets. It is easy for anyone of craftsman ability to create an excellent checkering pattern.

Serrated Cutters

A wide selection of cutters are available for jobs from scratch to finishing of work begun by power equipment. Serrated type spacer cutters remove wood faster made in 60° angle with just the right amount of tip flatness to prevent digging into the wood; the use of 60° spacers is recognized to be the most secure way to develop accurate spacing of the crossing rows of checkering prior to the deepening process to diamond point with other tools. These cutters hold the line through dense or softer woods than 90° cutters. Grooves can be deepened with angles of 60° or 90°.

Finishing Cutters

The finishing (file type) PL and PS cutters cut crisp, clean grooves and are especially useful for completing a fine job. Also, they are useful in finishing work started with power tools and for refinishing worn work. These are available in 60° or 90°.

Serrated and finishing cutters are 7/16″ long secured to handles with 1/16″ spirol pins. The PS cutter is 3/16″ long and can be ground to shorter length if required. It is secured with a 3/64″ diameter spirol pin or brad which can be clipped then peened.


Handles are made in three styles. H1 has a “see-thru” offset and is supplied on the S2, S3, S4, K, KL, KR factory assembled tools. H2 has a straight shank supplied on the VE, PL, BV and BC tools. H3 with a sharp bend is used to hold the short cornering PS cutter. H1 and H2 handles can be used with all cutters except the PS.